UNIMA weltweit

Liebe Mitglieder,
Der nächste internationale Unima-Kongress findet vom
19.–23. April 2021 online statt und zwar täglich von
14.00–17.00 Uhr.
Jedes UNIMA-Mitglied kann teilnehmen, alle gewählten Räte haben eine Stimme. Bei Interesse könnt ihr euch in der Geschäftsstelle melden: buero(at)unima.de

Launch of the Congress registrations
The UNIMA Congress will be held from April 19 to 23, 2021, to allow all members of our association to meet and discuss UNIMA’s future. At that time too the Councillors selected by our individual National Centres will set UNIMA’s agenda for the next four years through their votes.

Because of the potential for a broader participation, the UNIMA Executive Committee has therefore taken the opportunity to propose the following. It proposes to initiate three levels of registration rates based upon the GDP per capita of the member countries of the organization. In addition, it proposes a different registration rate for voting councillors as well as for the general membership planning to participate as auditors of the Congress meetings. Everyone, whether a voting Councillor or an auditing member, will have access to simultaneous translation in three of UNIMA’s official languages (English, French, Spanish), as indicated in our organization’s Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

Registation is now open!

ALL members of a National Centre can participate in the UNIMA Congress. They can have a voice but they cannot vote. Please share with your membership this vital information. The Congress dossier is available to members by asking to their National Centre.

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