Allgemein Meldungen

Spendenaufruf der UNIMA

Einen Spendenaufruf der UNIMA zur Hilfe von
bedrängten Kolleginnen und Kollegen gibt es hier!

Dear National Centres, Representatives and Councillors,

The UNIMA Cooperation Commission, which was created in 2008 to enable international solidarity in the field of puppet theatre, is asking for your support with a programme for emergency aid, which has now been set up in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

We offer emergency aid for puppeteers, including support for food supplies and for housing, to ensure that people do not lose their homes. It is aimed primarily at UNIMA members.

This programme will be managed jointly between UNIMA and its national centres. National centres are familiar with the situation in each country. Financial support will be transferred to puppeteers via the national centres. The Cooperation Commission asks you to familiarise yourself with the programme.

In this spirit of shared responsibility, the Commission therefore asks you to:

• share information about the emergency aid programme with your members and networks, as quickly as possible, so that puppeteers in difficulty will hear about it;
• share the fundraising appeal for the emergency aid programme with your members and networks as quickly as possible, so that possible donors will be able to offer support.