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It’s on! The 6. German Puppetry Conference

Diesen Sommer in Northeim: die 6. Deutsche Figurentheaterkonferenz vom 26.8. bis 4.9.2022.
Eine Woche Workshops, Gastspiele und Symposium mit internationalen Gästen zum Thema: »Figurentheater im öffentlichen Raum« warten auf Euch. Wir wollen uns austauschen, inspirieren und gegenseitig weiterbringen. Im dritten Pandemiejahr hat der öffentliche Raum auch für das Figurentheater an Bedeutung gewonnen. Wir eröffnen verschiedene Perspektiven und vermitteln die passenden Werkzeuge zur Erschließung dieser neuen Bühnen. Seid herzlich willkommen in Northeim!
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It’s on! The 6. German Puppetry Conference is taking place this summer in Northeim: 26 August – 4 September 2022. A week full of workshops, shows and symposium featuring international speakers, artists and teachers. »Puppetry in public« spaces is our topic for the 2022 conference. We want to exchange ideas, inspire one another and enhance our artistic abilities and scopes. With the pandemic going into its third year public spaces have gained in importance for the puppetry arts. We are putting different angles on puppetry in public spaces and we will enable you to work with and within them. And now: welcome to Northeim, home of the German Puppetry Conference 2022.
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(1) Puppets transforming public space (with Jacob Brindamour & Olivia Faye Lathuillière / Quebec)

A park, a landscape, a city centre: all public spaces appear completely different as soon as a puppet is placed in the scenery or even starts to interact with the places surrounding it. This workshop is on how this metamorphosis is coming about and howit can be directed by the puppeteer. We focus on the interaction between puppeteer and puppet. As a puppeteer how can I use my body, my facial expression, my way of playing to enliven an otherwise dead object, which then happens to have an inner life and a will of its own. How do I stage a play in unconventional surroundings? How do I act into the open, the public space? How do I also involve my audience and bond with them? And last but not least: what are the logistical needs for my performance out in the open?

(2) Mounted theater / theater on horsebacks (with Christoph Buchfink / Göttingen)

A well-known concept for walk-acts? Horse and Horseman in one go. Stitched on legs create the illusion of seperate movements of mount and rider. A horse, a camel, a unicorn, a donkey or a triceratops: there are no limits to your imagination. In only 5 days time you will create and build yout very own animal to mount. We are starting of with basic ideas for walking act performances, building a character for both: horse and rider before we fully turn to the production side of things. Our final projects are mounted animal puppets, ready to be played and hopped on to.

(3) Mask Metamorphosis (with Björn Leese / Berlin)

What exactly is happening when actors put on a mask?What does it change? How can we enliven the mask by using our breath, movement and heart beat? Essential to this workshop is the way we breathe. It influences our body tension, our inner balance and thus our expression as such. We will find out, how the stiff form of a mask can come to life. In which ways we express emotions with our bodys instead of our masked faces. We will encounter masks as an opportunity to building character and telling stories. Using simple improvisation we will explore the connections of mask, actor and audience.

(4) Giant puppets from western Africa conquering the city (with Momo Ekissi, Amenan Beatrice Koukou & Gbogboria Delagrange Krimbo)

West-african puppets are the centre of attention of this workshop. We will learn about their history and the occasions where they are played, the traditions behind them… How can we tranfer elements of western-african puppetry into our play, marry them to our concepts and stories? History and stories from Western Africa: dance, music and play. We will explore west-african puppets, get to know their typical characters and characteristics, tell their stories and melt into one with them.