International Contest of the Theatrical Poster

Dear Sirs / Madams

We invite you to take part in the The 2nd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster. It takes place within the frameworks of Vampilov International Theatrical Festival of Modern Drama in Irkutsk (Russia) in September, 2017.

The Contest will have 2 nominations:
· classical poster
· advertising video clips of performances for city boards, Internet and e-media
The Contest-Exhibition is held in Irkutsk Theatre Museum.

The Contest will be held in 2 stages:
1. Internet-Contest. All sent electronic versions of posters will be placed on the special site:  www.postercontest.org
The official voting starts on August, 1 and lasts till August, 31. Everybody may vote for the favorite poster.

2. Final stage. The Jury consisting of 5 people selects about 70 posters and 20 advertising video clips of performances for further exposition in the Theatre Museum in September 2017 (during the Festival). At the end of the Exhibition the Jury announces three winners in the each nomination. Diplomas of winners and prizes will be handed to authors of these works.

By results of the Internet voting the winner of Internet contest in both nominations will be determined and awarded to diploma and prize.
We sincerely ask you to attract the attention of theater artists to this Contest.
1. Contest Conditions & Terms
2. Application Form of the Participant

Contact information:
Lobanova Alexandra
Curator of the Contest
(+38)-067-955-9122 (+7)-926-484-06-70
e-mail: plakat2017@bk.ru